Fox News outrageously claims Covid vaccines may not work at all

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Just when you thought that Fox News couldn’t go any lower, last night Fox host Tucker Carlson suggested that: Covid vaccines — all of them — may not even work at all; ...

Fox News is now a threat to national security, with guest Garrett Graff

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In today’s UnPresidented podcast, journalist Garrett Graff is back to talk about his recent article, “Fox News Is Now a Threat to National Security.” We also spend ...

Kavanaugh perjured himself. Here are his top lies.

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The Senate Democrats put together a nice list of Brett Kavanaugh’s top lies under oath at yesterday’s Judiciary Committee Supreme Court nomination hearing. Here it is: Kavanaugh’s ...

“The wisdom of venereal disease”

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Today’s UnPresidented podcast episode is about lies, and how demagogues on the right and left use them to rewrite history and influence the masses. We start with a discussion ...
trump first year legislative recorda

Trump claims to have most effective administration since Truman. It’s another huge lie.

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Donald Trump yesterday claimed that he has had the most effective first-year of any president since Truman, who held the earlier record (Trump claimed) — but now, Trump has even ...
associated press

AP brutally fact-checks Trump

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The Associated Press wrote a beautifully wicked fact-check of Donald Trump this morning. It’s so good, it’s downright sassy. AP walks through a variety of issues, including ...

It’s safe to turn on CNN again — Trump boycotts network

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Hallelujah. CNN is safe again. No more Jeffrey Lord. No more Kayleigh. (At least, if there’s a God, they’re gone — let’s pray Trump included them in the ban.) ...

Trump lies 77% of the time

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Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders tell the truth 5x more often than Donald Trump, and 2x more than Ted Cruz.

Yes, Hillary Clinton has probably lied at some point. That makes her normal.

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Demanding that our politicians lie to us about lying doesn’t make sense.
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