Obama loosens 4-decade ban on crude oil exports

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Obama opening the door to selling even more oil overseas? Yep.

So how are people feeling about President Obama, seriously?

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I think because of his successes on gay rights, perhaps I’m not disliking the guy as much as some of you are.

Buckraking: How Team Obama’s revolving door rakes in millions

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Welcome to the world of your hope and their leftover change.
Oil drilling

Barack Obama’s economic legacy: His four must-have items

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Privatized “Medicare expansion”. Benefits cuts for SS & Medicare. Keystone. TPP. Obama’s top four legacy wants.

Galbraith on Obama: For the rest of his life, the eyes of the old, the poor, the jobless, whose hopes he once raised, will follow him everywhere

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This analysis of the current situation is strongly critical, to be sure, but also wonderfully well written. You can click to get the full point; it’s along these lines (h/t reader ...
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