GOP’s Schlafly: Latinos have too many illegitimate kids, don’t understand the Bill of Rights

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And that’s why top GOP religious right leader Phyllis Schlafly says that Latinos won’t vote Republican.

An autopsy of the autopsy: Why the RNC reboot will fail

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The Republican party “reboot” is simply rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, and poorly at that.
Mitt Romney

Romney is still wooing that all-important brown-hating vote, but why?

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Now that the presidency is gone, Romney finally finds an issue he can be consistent on: Latino-bashing.
immigration reform

Sequester forces Obama to release immigrant detainees, GOP sad

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Republicans, who are desperate for immigration reform to woo back Latino voters, are now opposing reform.

The Super Bowl “God made a farmer” ad has been fixed

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The truck commercial that ran during the Super Bowl has been corrected. It now includes non-white farmers.

The GOP plan to steal the 2016 election

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Republicans plan to woo Latinos in an effort to win big in 2016. But is it already too late for the GOP?

Obama approves deferred action applications of 154,000 DREAM Act kids

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This is incredible news following President Obama’s pledge to pass comprehensive immigration reform this year.
Marco Rubio lying again about Cuba

Marco Rubio’s new immigration plan based on anti-Latino myths

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Rubio’s latest DREAM Act version has ballooned in its extremism following Obama’s huge Latino election turnout.
George P Bush police report

George P. Bush: why he isn’t going to help the GOP win over Latinos—or women

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Because nothing says “learned the lessons of 2012” like embracing a guy who broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home.
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