Kids surprised by gift of kitten (video)

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The kids found a kitten a few days before. The parents were going to turn it over to a shelter, then didn’t.

4 y.o. boy is fine with gay marriage

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I know it sounds like an Onion headline, but I just found this video kinda cute.
boy with gun kid child

20 kids a day in America are hospitalized due to gunshot wounds

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One of four American adolescents in the 15-19 year old age group who dies, dies because of a firearm injury.

Brilliant parody of TSA’s security video for kids

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“Why is that agent’s tail wagging, dad? Looks like he just can’t wait to screen you, son.”

TSA’s kids’ video

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The TSA has done a video for kids, showing them how airport security works.

Video montage of people getting puppies for Christmas (video)

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I know, people need to make sure they’re ready to care for it, but the video is adorable.

Young kids reacting to viral videos of gay wedding proposals

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“If I would have gotten a box of microscopes would I be gay?”

Gay parents adopt so they can rape kids, says hideous new Russian anti-gay video

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The video makes the astounding claim based on the religious right Regnerus “study” released last year.
NRA iphone app game

NRA launches iPhone gun-app for 4 year olds, only 3 weeks after Sandy Hook

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Kids gets to shoot coffin-esque figures, and receive biased NRA propaganda criticizing White House & Democrats.
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