Gay sex art in the home of a religious right leader?

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How’s that headline for a teaser? In today’s podcast, Cliff Schecter I delve into a number of topics — primarily Obamacare repeal and Paul Manafort’s latest ...

Trump Jr. and Kellyanne Conway promote conspiracist who says Syria gas attack is a hoax

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Donald Trump Jr. and senior Trump White House adviser Kellyanne Conway this week promoted a far-right leader who is claiming that the Syrian chemical weapons attack is a hoax perpetrated by ...

Trump White House thinks it and media have “joint custody” of the country

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Senior Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway made a bizarre comment to CNN’s Jake Tapper today, telling him that the Trump White House and the media have “joint custody” ...

CNN refuses to have Kellyanne Conway on because she lies too much

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CNN refuses to have top Trump aide Kellyanne Conway on because of “serious questions about her credibility.”
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