Study: Fox News viewers are awfully conservative, even for Republicans

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As I’ve said before, skewed news based on skewed polls can lead to skewed election results and scr*wed candidates.

Karl Rove thinks Hillary Clinton has brain damage, and Colbert is on it (video)

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“Hillary’s shown signs of mental frailty before. Just look at these pants she wore in the 1970s.”

The time Karl Rove “proved” Obamacare would never reach 7m sign-ups

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Karl Rove on Fox News, 3/24/14: “There is no way they’re gonna get anywhere close. It just ain’t gonna happen.”

Flash from the past: David Gregory as “One Live Crew” with Karl Rove

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David Gregory along with Karl “MC” Rove in 2007. In his day job, Gregory plays a journalist on TV.

Karl Rove heckled as “terrorist!”, “war criminal!” during college speech

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Former Bush official Karl Rove’s speech at the Univ. of Massachusetts-Amherst was repeatedly interrupted.
Karl Rove

Fox News yanks Karl Rove & Dick Morris off air

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You know you’re a hack when your lies are too embarrassing even for Fox.
The latest Simpson's episode mocked Karl Rove for refusing to acknowledge Obama's re-election.

Simpsons mock Karl Rove’s refusal to give up election night

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“I will not concede the election till Karl Rove gives me permission.”
Money politics corruption

2012 election spending topped $6 billion

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“The most expensive election in American history.” Here are some of the big spenders.

Jon Stewart’s election coverage (video)

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Stewart: “Wisconsin elected Tammy Baldwin, the first open-lesbian Senator — sorry, Lindsay Graham.”
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