Justice Department suggests that employment discrimination based on sexual orientation is already illegal

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By arguing a discrimination case instead of moving to dismiss, they’re accepting its premise. That’s huge.

Shine Bright, Jamie Dimon: “Crime to crime, Morgan thrives”

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You don’t get to be Jamie Dimon without service providers — sorry, friends — like those who control the DoJ.

Woman tased at DOJ for peacefully protesting foreclosures (video)

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A brutal video of a woman simply linking arms, peacefully, with fellow protesters – and they zap her.

Eric Holder should be thinking about resigning

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The blame for the non-prosecution of Wall Street banking fraud “starts at the top.”
Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz cost MIT some documents. Wall Street cost MIT billions. Guess who got indicted?

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Aaron Swartz took MIT’s documents. Wall Street banksters cost MIT $2bn. Guess which one the feds indicted?
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