Namesake of Obamacare subsidies case gets his health insurance from the government

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Government insurance for me, but none for thee.

Conservatives should love single-payer health insurance

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What if I told you that the theoretical underpinnings of single-payer health insurance are supported by conservati

How health insurance companies still cheat customers under Obamacare

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Those crafty insurance companies have come up with new ways to get rid of undesirable customers.

Top tips for using your new Obamacare health insurance

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With some luck, these tips may save you some headaches and bills in the future.
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Insurance companies share the blame for low Obamacare enrollment

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The federal Web site doesn’t work, and BCBS can’t even explain its plans. When that’s fixed, enrollment will rise.

With no insurance, he used enemas to treat colon cancer. Now he’s going to die.

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ā€œIf we’d found it sooner, it would have made a difference. But now I’m just a dead man walking.ā€

A disheartening visit to

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As far as I’m concerned, trying right now to apply for insurance through is a waste of time.

The continuing drama that is “the best health care in the world”

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The ongoing saga of my dad’s oral cancer, and how having great insurance means very little in America today.
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Doctor in Maine stopped taking insurance, cut prices 50%

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Dr. Michael Ciampi no longer takes insurance, cut his prices drastically, and publishes them on the Web.
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