Trump furious over sparse inaugural crowds, beats up media

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New WH press secretary Sean Spicer devoted his 1st press conference to complaining about inaugural crowds.

Trump uses Obama inauguration photo as his own

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Donald Trump is using a photo from Barack Obama’s 2008 inauguration as his own.
Haidya Pendleton

15 year old Hadiya Pendleton, who performed at Obama inaugural, shot dead in Chicago

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15 year old Hadiya Pendleton was standing in a Chicago park when she was shot and killed.
Fox News on Obama inauguration speech

Jon Stewart on Fox’s conniption over Obama’s inauguration speech

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Fox, you’ll be surprised to hear, had a different take on Obama’s inauguration speech than did MSNBC and CNN.
Super high-resolution inauguration photo

Cool super-high resolution inauguration photo

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The Washington Post is asking people to tag themselves in a super high-resolution inauguration photo.
obama inaugural address

Obama inaugural speech text

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President Obama mentions gay marriage and Stonewall in his inaugural address today.
Pastor Louie Giglio

Rick Warren’s anti-gay evil twin Louie Giglio to give inauguration benediction

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Pastor Louie Giglio compared gays to alcoholics, called homosexuality a “malfunction.”
us capitol building inauguration

Obama to accept unlimited corporate money for inauguration

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Those donors, such as Wall Street CEOs, are actively lobbying to gut the social system.
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