No, Democrats didn’t cause Texas’ power outage

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On today’s show, we discuss the Republican effort to blame Democrats, and green energy generally, for Texas’ massive power outage during a quite serious winter storm. Spoiler ...

Please. Don’t. Hurt. Me.

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Democrats in Congress caved today in the face of Republican objections to calling impeachment witnesses. Subscribe now The Democrats wanted only one witness, GOP Rep. Jaime Herrera ...
Betsy Ross American flag

Cult 45: How Trump and the Republicans broke our country (and what we can do about it)

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In today’s UnPresidented podcast, we discuss how Trump’s anti-mask mania has helped create and spread new variants of the Coronavirus that might be harder for vaccines to ...

Impeachment, again!

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In today’s UnPresidented podcast, we discuss:  – Trump’s second impeachment trial;  – The news that prosecutors in Georgia are investigating Trump’s ...

Unity, schmunity

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Let this be the last time a Democratic calls for unity. In his inaugural address, Joe Biden mentioned the word “unity” eight times. The media is now all down Biden’s throat, claiming ...
Pete Buttigieg

Impeachment update, and the latest BS attack on Pete Buttigieg

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In today’s UnPresidented podcast, we talk about the latest on impeachment — namely, that there likely won’t be enough votes for witnesses (which means the Senate will ...
John Bolton

McConnell won’t allow witnesses

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I don’t think Mitch McConnell is going to allow witness, because he simply doesn’t have to. We’ve seen time and again that McConnell is willing to do the most outrageous ...

Impeachment update, election update, Tulsi, and Picard!

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In today’s UnPresidented Podcast, we cover the usual topics: impeachment and the election, so you don’t have to.

Ukraine, Parnas, Yovanovitch and the Democratic presidential Debate

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In today’s UnPresidented podcast, we discuss the latest revelations about Ukraine and Lev Parnas, and in particular the possible threats against Ambassador Yovanovitch; the latest ...
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