Woman stabs husband with squirrel for not buying beer Christmas Eve

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Another woman stabs her fiance over wedding color schemes, and in Florida a man is shot for texting in a movie.

Ding dong! Michele Bachmann’s retiring

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It really was no miracle, what happened was just this: The wind began to switch, the US House to pitch…

AP stylebook entry recognizes gay marriages. VICTORY!

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This is big news – the Associated Press Stylebook will treat all legal marriages, gay and straight, the same.

AP, you made a mistake on same-sex marriage. Now correct it.

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Associated Press, stand up and admit that you made a mistake. And then correct it.

GLAAD blasts AP over anti-gay bias: “What the hell is going on?”

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The lead gay anti-defamation group blasted the Associated Press for banning the words “husband” “wife” for gays.
Gay Parents

Gay man writes AP to let them know it’s okay to call him “husband”

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Have you sent your note to AP letting them know what you’d like to be called if they ever write about you?

AP ban on using “husband” “wife” for gays could fuel lawsuit

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AP “intentionally disrespecting marital status” could be used in discrimination lawsuit, gay legal expert says.

Gay journalists call out AP for saying gay marriages aren’t real

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A leaked AP memo showed the media organization does not consider the legal marriages of gay couples to be legit.
gay marriage

AP now lying about policy of not recognizing legal marriages of gays

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The AP has issued a statement lying about its policy of not fully recognizing the marriages of legally-wed gays.
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