RNC tweets song called “Big Sandy,” about dying

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“Well, I’m gonna find Big Sandy before I die.”

Romney now flip-flopping on abolishing FEMA

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The Romney campaign was only willing to put out an anonymous claim with no quote. What are they hiding?

Romney further impedes hurricane response, calls GOP hurricane governors

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Romney thinks federal government shouldn’t coordinate disaster relief, but federal candidates should.

Hurricane Sandy worst-case for NYC is “unimaginable”

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LaGuardia and JFK could be under 18 feet of water, if the worst comes true.

GOP strategist: Romney is right, close FEMA, nobody cares about it

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GOP strategist on CNN representing Mitt Romney: “I don’t think anybody cares about [FEMA].”

Religious right blames gays, Romney for Hurricane Sandy

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Homosexuality and Mormonism are apparently to blame for the storm of the century. So basically, Romney built it.
Hurricane Sandy entire US image, via NOAA

Hurricane Sandy due in part to “climate change”

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NPR talks to the experts who say “yes and no” to whether Sandy is due to climate change.
Hurricane Sandy Live Cam - NYC

Hurricane Sandy Live Cam – NYC

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Very cool live cam, updated every minute, from the top of the New York Times building in New York City.

East coast transportation shuts down ahead of Sandy, more images

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Hurricane Sandy will be shutting down transportation in the northeast for days.
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