Lindsey Graham says he can’t remember why he voted against Hurricane Sandy relief

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Unfortunately for him, the rest of us do.

Anti-Sandy-relief GOP Oklahoma Senator: Aid for my state is “totally different” than Sandy

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Sure it is. Because New Yorkers don’t vote in Oklahoma.

Banks refusing to issue $208m in insurance checks for Hurricane Sandy victims

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Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citibank & JP Morgan Chase are reportedly sitting on $130m for Sandy victims.
fox news

Faced with actual facts on climate change, Fox guest makes stuff up (video)

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Fox News viewers, are you not entertained by the climate change lies anymore?

GOP Rep. King: “Anyone from NY & NJ who contributes one penny to [GOP] is out of their mind”

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GOP committee chair Hal Rogers to homeless Hurricane Sandy victims: “There’s no immediate needs” for aid.

House GOP kills Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill. GOP to Sandy victims: Drop Dead.

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Boehner, House GOP, tell disaster victims to “eat cake.” Following a proud tradition started by George Bush.

Belief in climate change on the rise in US

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“4 out of every 5 Americans said climate change will be a serious problem for the US if nothing is done.”

Fire Island sand dunes destroyed by Hurricane Sandy

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Hurricane Sandy damaged Fire Island, but the local sand dunes did a lot to lessen the destruction.
Romney phony relief event for Hurricane Sandy

Unwanted Hurricane Sandy donations, like Romney’s, now a “disaster” for Red Cross

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The Romney campaign told Americans to donate goods the Red Cross didn’t want. It’s created a “disaster.”
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