Meghan McCain says gun owners will resort to violence to stop an assault weapons ban

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Today’s UnPresidented podcast is mostly about guns, starting with Meghan McCain’s horrific comments about how gun owners will resort to violence if we dare ban their assault ...

The Rude Pundit on Manafort, Kavanaugh, the hurricane, and Trump

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Lee Papa, aka “the Rude Pundit,” talks to us about the breaking Manafort plea deal and what it means for Trump, the latest sexual assault bombshell in the Brett Kavanaugh ...
Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump

Stop playing golf and do your damn job

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Most of us didn’t vote for Donald Trump. And we know his campaign colluded with the Russians when he wasn’t busy bragging about groping women, ogling teenage beauty queens, ...

Rush Limbaugh, hurricane truther

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Rush Limbaugh is a hurricane truther. He thinks all the hysteria over Hurricane Irma is a conspiracy cooked up by “Big Water” and, for lack of a better phrase, Big Climate. ...

Trump to obstruct disaster relief in Texas tomorrow

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Donald Trump, himself an ever-growing disaster, is preparing to parachute into Texas tomorrow to interfere with relief efforts during the ongoing natural disaster unfolding in that ...

What each category of hurricane can do to a house (video)

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The Weather Channel shows you what each increasingly category of hurricane can do to a home. It’s scary.

What if they named hurricanes after climate change denying members of Congress?

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“Michele Bachmann is incredibly dangerous. If you value your life, please seek shelter from Michele Bachmann.”

Haiyan, possibly strongest typhoon ever, hits Philippines, 200 mph, amazing satellite images

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CNN reports that the wind gusts are bigger than Katrina and Sandy combined, climate change played a role.

US faces brutal hurricane season, while Europe sees “the year without a summer”

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Is Europe’s coldest summer in 200 years, and the US’ storms, climate change? Several scientists say “yes.”
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