rachel bitecofer

Trump will lose in 2020, explains pollster Dr. Rachel Bitecofer

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Dr. Rachel Bitecofer, the only political pollster to nail the 2018 election, joins us to explain why she thinks Donald Trump is going to lose in 2020, and how Democrats will fare in ...

House candidate Nancy Skinner makes climate a centerpiece issue — in a winnable race

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To make Climate a winning issue, make Climate Candidates winners in their races. Support Nancy Skinner.
Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi’s hand-picked DCCC chief seems to have a problem opposing Republicans

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Did Blue Dog DCCC chief Steve Israel lose Nancy Pelosi the Speaker’s gavel in 2012? Will he do it again in 2014?

State-by-state election analysis: Cliff Schecter and Jay Ackroyd on Virtually Speaking

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It’s election day at last. Here’s an excellent state-by-state and race-by-race analysis from Virtually Speaking.
Richard Tisei openly gay House GOP candidate

Boehner campaigning for gay Republican whose humanity he doesn’t respect

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Boehner says he “respects” gay Tisei, while spending $1.5m defending the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act.
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