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One way to blackmail progressives in office — put a hostage in the bill

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Neoliberals love offering hostage-filled choices. Progressive are prone to say No. Grayson on hostages in bills.

Sequester news: Pelosi again onboard with “Chained CPI”; HR 900 now has 26 cosponsors

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The division among House Democrats on the Sequester and benefit cuts widens.

The sequester will go into extra innings on Friday — here’s why

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Sequester negotiations are headed for extra innings. And the sequester, due March 1, will arrive on schedule.

Congressional Progressive Caucus: “Just cancel the sequester”

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No one wants the sequester, but leaders of both parties are using it as blackmail.
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ACTION ALERT: Which Democrats to call to head off a bad sequester deal

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Help us make sure that House Democrats sink any sequester deal that contains benefit cuts.
Ring of Fire Radio

Gaius on Ring of Fire: “How to build a powerful sustainable progressive movement”

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It will take courage to enter the next phase of progressive movement engagement. Listen to hear what kind.
Alphonse & Gaston: "After you, my dear."

Is the House Progressive Caucus “enabling Obama’s rightward moves?”

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What to do about the House Progressive Caucus? Norm Solomon has some thoughts. So do I.

House progressives who voted YES on fiscal cliff deal

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A list of House Progressives most likely to be arm-twisted when Chained CPI comes up again—in two months.

List of House “Progressive Caucus” members who voted against fiscal cliff deal

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These are your actual progressive heroes. You can count them without using your toes.
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