Shutdown victory or defeat?

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The government shutdown is over, but did the Democrats win or lose by agreeing to reopen the government for the next three weeks in exchange for the GOP funding the CHIP children’s ...

How American insurance companies starve patients to death

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Insurance companies are refusing to cover adequate treatment for anorexia, and patients are dying.

Donald Trump will repeal Obamacare and replace it with the classiest, most terrific health insurance plan ever

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Trump on health care, as if no one had thought of it before: “repeal and replace with something terrific.”

Kansas finally confirms it will let same-sex couples marry…but not file their taxes together

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Bureaucratic foot-dragging from the last state to confirm it will begin issuing marriage licenses.

Texas bill would label citizens who receive Obamacare subsidies

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The latest in Texas’s continued struggle to make it harder for its citizens to get healthcare.

White House: 11.4 million Americans enrolled in Obamacare this year

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Yesterday, following the February 15th deadline to enroll in marketplace coverage under Obamacare this year, the White House released preliminary estimates showing that 11.4 million ...
Cabaret: "Money makes the world go around"

Obama got $20mil from healthcare industry in 2008, 3x what McCain got

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Pre-election: Obama praised single-payer. Post-election: Obama froze single-payer advocates out of ACA meetings.

Why is the ACA (Obamacare) so complicated?

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The only customers that Obama, Messina and Baucus listened to were doctors, hospitals and drug companies.

I can haz Obamacare: My premiums are going down 23%, $100/month

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I’m going to save over $100 per month in my health insurance premiums, nearly 25%, with Obamacare.
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