Trump suggests Jews committing own hate crimes, while adviser blames it on Dems

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In an anti-Semitic double-whammy, Donald Trump and a top adviser today both appeared to downplay the significance of anti-Semitic hate crimes by blaming the crimes on Jews and Democrats. ...

Head of Anglican church: We must discriminate against gays lest someone think we’re gay and bash us

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WWJD? He wouldn’t try to convince his attackers that he was really straight.
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Meet Katya, the young Russian sadist who kidnaps gay youth for sport

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A UK crew was permitted to film anti-gay vigilantes in St. Petersburg kidnapping and torturing a gay youth.

Speaking of Mary Bono

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Speaking of Ms. Mary Bono. My partner, at the time, Tony Orr and I had a very bad interaction with her when we were testifying before the House Judiciary Committee and trying to assist ...
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