Investigate Trump and Russia

Trump inaugurated while under investigation by 5 US agencies (video)

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The FBI, CIA, NSA, Treasury and Justice are all investigating Trump’s Russia ties, have been since last spring.

C-SPAN mysteriously replaced by Russian TV, while power goes out at CIA director hearing

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The power went out today at the Senate hearing for the new CIA director, while C-SPAN was replaced by Russian TV.
DNI Clapper.

Intel leaders: Trump is hurting morale, could force people to leave

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US intelligence community leaders says Donald Trump has hurt morale, and may force staff to quit.

How to beat Trump, the Russians, and avoid the pitfalls of purity politics

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A talk about why it’s important that Democrats work with Republican allies on issues like Russia.

Is someone trying to take down the Internet on election day?

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The United States may be under attack this election day — an attack on the¬†Internet. Level3, a major Tier 1 carrier and one of the largest Internet providers in the world,¬†experienced ...

Could Malaysia Air Flight 370 have been hacked?

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Some researchers claim that an airplane’s internal control systems (SCADA) are potentially hackable.

Spamhaus accuses Cyberbunker of massive cyberattack

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The weird history behind the Netherlands’ Cyberbunker, alleged to be behind a massive cyber-attack
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