Blistering Cornel West on Obama’s war against the black prophetic tradition

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West: Obama is the ideological heir of Booker T. Washington, a black accommodationist, a shell of a man.
Social Security

(Updated) House Dems who promise to vote No to benefit cuts like Chained CPI

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Chained CPI is a benefit cut and it’s very unpopular. These House Democrats promise to stop it.

Weekend thoughts on Working Class Heroes (with music)

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A Working Class Hero is something to be. A One-Percent Hero is someone to flee.

Obama’s benefit-cuts budget takes more from seniors than from wealthy

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The Rich vs the Rest, Obama edition. His benefit cuts hurt retirees 3x more than his tax hikes hurt the rich.

Chained CPI is not just bait; Obama actually “prefers” it

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Barack “Grand Cuts” Obama is eager for chained CPI and benefit cuts. Will his hubris be his undoing?
Obama "Change We Need"

Obama economic adviser: Using the sequester to cut benefits was “part of the DNA from the start”

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Obama insider email reveals: Sequester was designed from the start as a way to cut benefits.

Obama: Social Security & Medicare cuts are “very much (back) on the table”

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He’s playing hardball with us, folks, about cuts to Social Security. Can we not at least return the favor?

How Obama used Biden to undercut Reid on fiscal cliff deal (plus a framing story)

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Which Obama is more real, the one you want to exist, or the one who gives your stuff away? Your choice on that.

What a call to courage sounds like: Woody Guthrie’s “Union Maid”

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Woodie Guthrie says stand strong and together. (Psst, there’s more than one kind of union…)
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