I’ll work with Glenn Beck to stop Trump; and so should you

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Glenn Beck, and other Republicans, can help us stop Trump. And that’s enough for me.

Louie Gohmert vows to quit Congress and cower in survivalist bunker if (when) Iran Deal passes

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Gohmert expects John Boehner to wave his magic speaker wand and make the deal go away. That isn’t how this works.

Glenn Beck: Liberals were right about Iraq

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“You are right. Liberals, you were right. We shouldn’t have.”

Furor over Coke’s diverse “America the Beautiful” Super Bowl ad grows

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Conservative mouthpiece Glenn Beck weighs in to claim that Coke meant the ad as an attack on Republicans.

Glenn Beck has bizarre argument with self in drag over IRS & “death panels”

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The only death panel is the one running the Republican party into the ground.

Cat-fight between Glenn Beck and Fox News!

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Beck says he left Fox “to save his soul.” Fox says Beck left to “save his ass” after advertisers fled.

Glenn Beck ducks WWE interview, staff gets snippy with reporter (video)

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Glenn Beck called the WWE “stupid wrestling people,” then chickened out of an interview to explain his views.

Pro wrestlers call out Glenn Beck for calling WWE “stupid” (video)

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Glenn Beck is upset that two WWE wrestlers perform as Tea Party crazies who repeat the phrase “We the People.”

Jon Stewart on Glenn Beck’s plan to build a $2bn GOP commune

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Beck’s “Independence, USA” will be on Ellis Island, ban the Gap, and have deprogramming camps for college kids.
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