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Boorish Trump alienates Brits and Germans in one day

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Donald Trump managed to damage relations today with two of America’s closest and most important allies, the United Kingdom and Germany. First, came the White House doubling down ...

Hillary Clinton and the echoes of history

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Hillary Clinton profile makes for some strange historical bedfellows.

Anderson Cooper on the guy who got stuck in the giant vagina sculpture

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“I’m certainly no expert on the topic of vaginas. I know enough to know you’re not supposed to go in feet first.”

Springtime for Hitler (video)

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In honor of Vladimir Putin’s and Gerhard Schroeder’s budding love affair.

Jews brought Holocaust on themselves, says Russian state TV

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“They [Jews] also advanced the first [Holocaust].”

The real story of Jesse Owens and the 1936 Nazi Olympics

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Owens, who won four gold medals in Berlin, was never invited to the White House to be congratulated by FDR.

Fox News: Solar only works in Germany because it gets more sunlight than US (false)

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The network that brought you “WMD in Iraq” lies about solar power’s potential. Anyone surprised?

German court: Internet provider can be sued for damages for down-time

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Sure, your Internet provider shouldn’t charge you for down time, but should you be able to get damages?
Angela Merkel

Germany’s Merkel remains clueless as ever about austerity

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No matter how bad the economy looks in austerity-hit Europe, Merkel does not and probably never will understand economics.
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