Georgia’s horrific new voter suppression law

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In today’s show, we talk a lot about Georgia’s horrific new voter suppression law, Dominion suing Fox news, and Trump claiming the Insurrectionists loved the police, and ...

Trump’s coup attempt just got a whole lot more dangerous

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Today’s show is about Trump’s ongoing coup attempt, and in particular, the revelation about Trump this weekend illegally attempting to coerce Georgia’s Republican ...

Prosecute Trump

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I just heard a CNN correspondent say — while discussing the bombshell new recording of Donald Trump trying to force Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, ...
Jon Ossoff photo (l) by John Ramspott. Raphael Warnock photo (r) by his campaign.

Can Mitch McConnell maintain his Senate majority by refusing to seat Ossoff and Warnock?

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Trump, and a growing chorus of Republican electeds, have been ranting for weeks about how his re-election was stolen in Georgia. (It wasn’t.) They claim there was a vast conspiracy ...

Georgia GOP says mass shooting of congressmen is actually a good thing

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Always like a Republican to see the mass-shooting glass half-full. A local GOP party chairman in Georgia, Brad Carver, says the recent attempt by a crazed gunman to kill several Republican ...

What “religious liberty” bills have in common with voter ID laws

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“Religious freedom” bills are “gay-neutral” the same way that voter ID laws are “race-neutral.”

Colbert on Georgia’s crazy new gun law and the NRA Convention

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Colbert discusses Georgia’s new gun law, that lets you bring guns into bars, libraries, churches & govt buildings.

Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia top list of gay-porn watching states

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Of the top 10 gay-porn-watching states, 5 are in the South.

Priests led violent mob of 20,000 against gay protesters in (former Soviet) Georgia

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Violence-prone Georgia thinks it’s going to join NATO and the EU. Good luck with that.
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