Food writer Jamie Schler talks food and politics

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In today’s show, French-American cooking writer Jamie Schler joins us to talk baking and politics. We get into the whole Coronavirus situation in Europe, and how things ...

From Russia with Poison

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Russia has escalated its efforts to start a new Cold War with the West by recklessly poisoning a former Russian spy, his daughter, and a police detective in Great Britain. This comes ...

Trump shakes-and-yanks President Macron off his feet at Bastille Day parade

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Donald Trump used his famous shake-and-yank handshake to pull French President Emmanuel Macron off his balance today. This comes on the heels of Trump shake-and-yanking French First ...

Commander-in-Creep: Trump tells French First Lady “you’re in such good shape”

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Donald Trump has done it again. Only hours after inflicting his infamous shake-and-yank handshake on French First Lady Brigitte Macron, Trump made things even more embarrassing by gushing ...

Melania who? Trump ignores First Lady Melania, again, in France

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Donald Trump and First Lady Melania arrived in Paris today, for Trump’s Bastille Day visit. And, as usual, Melania was treated as an inconvenient afterthought. In video from Trump’s ...
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Trump shakes-and-yanks French First Lady’s hand

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Donald Trump arrived in Paris this morning, and true to form, shaked and yanked French First Lady Brigitte Macron. Trump has been criticized before for his odd penchant of yanking ...
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New French president Macron shakes Trump’s hand last at NATO

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During Donald Trump’s first meeting with NATO allies at the summit in Brussels this week, Trump finally met new French president Emmanuel Macron. But he had to wait a bit. In ...

French citizens plan satirical orgy in response to Paris attacks

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Sometimes you have to cope with humor.

Pope Francis blocking French ambassador’s appointment over his sexual orientation

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The Catholic Church’s rebrand appears to be all bark and no bite.
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