Representative Mark Pocan: A diamond in the congressional rough

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Not all members of Congress are awful.

Thank You Street: Ex-Obama energy aide named to Board of methane giant Cheniere

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One more Obama official off to her reward — this time it’s Energy Dept. methane and fracking fan, Heather Zichal.

How to fight back on climate: $2.9 million fracking damage award in Texas

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Every fracking well incentivizes a lawsuit. Read about the first victory — in Texas.

Five reasons Elizabeth Warren might run in 2016

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Elizabeth Warren has said she’s not a candidate in 2016. Here are five reasons she could change her mind.

How fracking is exacerbating drought across America

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Fracking requires huge amounts of water, and 55% of fracking wells are in areas experiencing drought.

Texas towns run out of water due to fracking

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Put simply, there are towns in Texas where you turn on the tap, and nothing comes out for days. Why? Fracking.

David Letterman’s awesome rant against fracking (video)

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“They’re poisoning our drinking water and the EPA said, ‘you no longer have to comply with EPA standards.’ “
Actual tap water set aflame in fracking region.

Two great climate advocates: Billionaire Tom Steyer, and Josh Fox of Gasland II

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Two short videos about two great climate change advocates.

Obama’s new climate plan: Less coal, more fracking

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The bottom line is that there’s good news (less coal) & bad news (more fracking) in Obama’s climate change plan.
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