Uproar after Pakistani hospital lets trans gunshot victim die

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Alisha, a trans activist, was reportedly shot 8 times at point-blank range. The hospital staff mocked her.

A mom weighs in on the future of gay rights in the new year

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“As the mother of a lesbian, living in a liberal community, sometimes I forget the struggle is far from over.”

Iceland in shock as cops kills a man for 1st time in history

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“The nation was in shock, this does not happen in our country…. This is like an American film.”

Snowden plans more leaks about US spying abroad, will let foreign press decide if leaks endanger Americans

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Letting foreign media decide whether printing classified US info endangers Americans is irresponsible.

Putin just forced NATO into Syria’s civil war

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By announcing his intention to provide Syria with anti-aircraft missiles, Putin may have forced NATO’s hand.
Lech Walesa, Poland

Lech Walesa: anti-gay homophobe

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Walesa suggested that gays shouldn’t be in Parliament, or at least should sit “behind a wall.”

Video of customer service in Japan… wait for it…

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Nivea’s weird airport terrorist prank (video)

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I’d have sued them if Nivea had tried this on me.  It’s not funny at all.
Woman in niqab veil

90-something Saudi reportedly marries terrified 15 year old girl

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Saudi girls as young as 8 are married off to old men, while religious leaders defend it & the govt does nothing.
martin ssempa Pepe Onziema uganda

The balls to be a trans activist on national TV in Uganda (video)

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Ugandan trans activist Pepe Onziema takes on religious bigot Martin Ssempa on national television. That’s gutsy.
champs elysees paris

French businesses outraged over plan to turn lights out 1am to 7am

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If nobody is walking the streets at these hours, who cares if the lights are on or off?

Amnesty International suggests being gay is a “choice,” in story about Uganda “kill the gays” bill

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“It’s really a question of the right of an individual to choose how they want to live their lives.” Uh, no.
kidnapper death penalty

Uganda to pass death penalty for gays, their landlords, NGO donors, anyone who doesn’t report gays to cops

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Uganda on Verge of Giving Gays Death Penalty That whole Idi Amin thing is making a lot more sense now. A vile piece of legislation is reportedly on the verge of being passed in Uganda ...
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