Bank of America rewarded staff for pushing people into foreclosure

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Bank of America faces a class-action suit from homeowners for allegedly forcing people into foreclosure.
Michael Moore

Michael Moore: Election was “total rebuke of Neanderthal attitudes”

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Michael Moore: “This country has truly changed, and I believe there will be no going back. Hate lost yesterday.”

Should progressives vote for Obama?

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This a “Rorschach test election” for Democrats. It’s also a strategy election. What should progressives do?

Mitt Romney debates himself, part II (video)

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A video of Mitt Romney debating himself on the issues of the day. He pretty much disagrees with himself on everything.

Transcript of VP debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan

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We’ve got the full transcript of the vice presidential debate between Biden and Ryan.

NY files lawsuit against JP Morgan Chase for securities fraud

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While this is good, it’s a “civil” suit. Bankers are still not being held “criminally” accountable for their actions.

Principal reductions on underwater homes may soon be taxed

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David Dayen has a story at Salon that is genuinely must-read. He’s flagging the fact that for the last three years, there has been a federal law which excludes principal reductions ...

Goals of an Effective Progressive Coalition: Move the ball. Guard the progressive frontier.

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This is a shorter follow-up to my recent piece on “Managing an Effective Progressive Coalition” in four easy rules. (Does the word “effective” jump out at you? ...

Excerpt of Anya Stiglitz’s new book about the worldwide protest movement, from Occupy to Egypt

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I met Anya and Joe Stiglitz a few years back when we were all three attending a small conference in Greece, organized by the soon-to-be, and now former, Greek Prime Minister George ...
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