Trump’s potential flip-flop on climate is good and bad

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My friend Greg Sargent at the Washington Post has a nice write-up of the latest news that Donald Trump may, or may not, be preparing to flip-flop on climate change. You’ll recall ...

Conservative pundit: Romney wants to abolish FEMA, now flip-flopping

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GOP’s Debra Saunders: “I think that we’ve seen the Etch-a-Sketch Romney…. which one is the real one?”
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Obama: “It was worth moving heaven and earth to get” bin Laden (video)

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One of President Obama’s most powerful moments during last night’s presidential debate was speaking about Osama.

Romney flip-flops on constitutional ban on gay marriage twice this week

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Earlier this week, Romney changed his mind and no longer supported the amendment. Now he does again.
President Obama talking about Romnesia

Mitt Romney seriously ill with “Romnesia” (video)

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Romnesia’s symptoms include not remembering the policies that are still on your own campaign’s Web site.

Mitt Romney debates himself, part II (video)

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A video of Mitt Romney debating himself on the issues of the day. He pretty much disagrees with himself on everything.
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Bill Clinton on the new “moderate” Mitt Romney

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Clinton: “I mean I thought – wow. Here’s old moderate Mitt. Where have you been, boy, I missed you all these last few years.”

Mitt Romney debates Mitt Romney (wonderful video)

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A brilliant video showing Mitt Romney debating himself on tax cuts, health care, and education. He’s the flip-flop king.

Political polygamy

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Mitt Romney is wedded to all sides of every issue. Which means he’s not really wedded to anything.
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