Spicer wears upside down US flag at White House press briefing

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Sporting the universe symbol of distress, White House press secretary Sean Spicer today wore¬†an upside-down American flag on his big suit. Yeah, it’s silly. But considering just ...

Did Trump let the Mexicans tell him he couldn’t raise Old Glory?

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Trump spoke in Mexico in front of a Mexican flag, with no American flag in sight. Why not?

North Carolina pastor flies Christian flag above American flag, encourages others to do the same

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Flying any flag above the American flag is in violation of the Flag Code.

Lindsey Graham celebrates Duck Dynasty’s flag desecration before State of the Union

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GOP Sen. Graham and Cong. Massie join Duck Dynasty star who’s desecrating the American flag in pre-SOTU photo opp.

Kremlin experts determine that Jewish autonomous flag is not gay

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There will be no flag-bashing from the Kremlin this day.
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