tea party government shutdown

House GOP considering forcing US debt default, government shutdown

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The Republican party must destroy America in order to save it.
Bribe corrupt politician

Debt ceiling debate: GOP House holding own budget hostage

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If Republicans are so concerned about the debt ceiling, then why do they pass spending bills with deficits?

House progressives who voted YES on fiscal cliff deal

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A list of House Progressives most likely to be arm-twisted when Chained CPI comes up again—in two months.
Obama "Change We Need"

The next fiscal “crisis” — plus four National Security stories to leave you sleepless

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The next fiscal crisis will depend on Obama. What you can do to stop him from making a bad deal.
Corporations are people?

Fiscal cliff deal included up to $205bn in corporate gifts, thanks to White House

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“The White House wanted permanent extensions of a whole slew of corporate tax credits” in the fiscal cliff deal.
Fiscal cliff

Listen to Gaius talk “fiscal cliff,” 11pm Eastern tonight

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Gaius will be on the Rich Smith Show at 11pm Eastern tonight to discuss the fiscal cliff, you can listen online.
Rich guys 1%

Fiscal cliff deal exempted Big Oil’s billion dollar subsidies

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“GOP Speaker Boehner refused to rule out trimming oil and gas subsidies as part of a fiscal cliff deal.”

Fiscal cliff roundup

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The fiscal cliff deal is leaving conservatives angry.

Fiscal Cliff deal passes the House, goes to President for signature

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Only 1/3 of the GOP caucus in the House voted for it, but Boehner and Ryan voted for it, Cantor did not.

Shorter Krugman on fiscal cliff: We won. I’m ticked.

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“Why the bad taste in progressives’ mouths? It has less to do w/ where Obama ended up than… how he got there.”
fiscal cliff

Fiscal cliff deal in danger in House

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If the GOP doesn’t support the fiscal cliff deal, they will be blamed for pushing America over the fiscal cliff.

Bush tax cuts have expired, no law has replaced them

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Now that the Bush tax cuts have expired, the negotiating ground has radically shifted. Or should have.
handshake deal

Fiscal cliff deal reached – here are the details…

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Taxes increased for over $450k, estate tax over $5m, extends UE benefits, delay sequester 2 months, DOD cuts.
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