Boom! Senate passes filibuster reform, GOP can no longer block executive, judicial nominees

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In historic move, US Senate passes “nuclear option” stopping GOP from blocking executive, judicial nominees.
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Sequester, guns & the filibuster: Gaius & Cliff Schecter on Virtually Speaking tonight

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Join Cliff Schecter & Gaius for a discussion of the week’s events, including the Sequester & gun legislation.

Is Reid trying to blackmail McConnell into a weak filibuster reform deal?

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Harry Reid may be trying to sink filibuster reform. Don’t let him: (202) 224-3542.

Will Harry Reid kill real filibuster reform? Vote is tomorrow, January 22.

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Harry Reid is going `bipartisan` on filibuster reform according to Politico. Call today and tomorrow early.
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Filibuster Reform vote Jan. 22: Keep calling senators

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“Merkley joined NM Sen. Tom Udall & IA Sen. Tom Harkin to officially roll out the possible filibuster change
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ACTION ALERT: We are 2 senators away from filibuster reform; call today

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The U.S. Senate needs filibuster reform to become a functioning body. We’re almost there. You can help.
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