On anniversary of Katrina, former Bush aides revise history

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President Bush has a clear legacy with respect to Katrina — a bad one.

Pro-shutdown SD ranchers upset shutdown means no federal aid for devastating blizzard

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Republicans, including these ranchers, really need to get over their sense of selfish exceptionalism.

Conservative pundit: Romney wants to abolish FEMA, now flip-flopping

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GOP’s Debra Saunders: “I think that we’ve seen the Etch-a-Sketch Romney…. which one is the real one?”

Stephen Colbert on Romney’s pledge to abolish FEMA (video)

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“Who better to respond… than the state whose infrastructure has just been swept out to sea?
Hurricane Superstorm Sandy over America

NYT burns Romney for saying he’d close FEMA, Ryan for trying to gut it

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“Those in Hurricane Sandy’s path are fortunate that, for now, that ideology has not replaced sound policy.”

Romney now flip-flopping on abolishing FEMA

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The Romney campaign was only willing to put out an anonymous claim with no quote. What are they hiding?

GOP strategist: Romney is right, close FEMA, nobody cares about it

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GOP strategist on CNN representing Mitt Romney: “I don’t think anybody cares about [FEMA].”
View of Hurricane Sandy, closeup, via NOAA

Romney stands by pledge to shut down FEMA

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Romney on FEMA and federal disaster relief: “We cannot afford to do those things.”

Romney on getting rid of FEMA: “Absolutely”

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He’s not like you and me.
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