She’s Obamacare’s biggest proponent, and worst defender

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HHS Secretary Sebelius was awkward and nervous defending health care reform to Jon Stewart last night.

He just wanted to browse health care plans. He got the Spanish Inquisition.

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By the time the Obamacare site demanded a scan of my driver’s license I could almost hear the German accent.

Jon Stewart on GOP government shutdown & Obamacare exchanges

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Jon Stewart on: GOP shut down of the FDA, and nutrition for women, infants & children; and the exchanges.
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6 tips for choosing the best insurance plan on the Obamacare “exchanges”

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The Affordable Care Act exchanges are offering some good plans for good prices, but the devil is in the details.
Sen. Coburn

My personal experience on DC’s Obamacare exchange, or, how Tom Coburn is a big fat liar

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GOP Sen. Tom Coburn just lied on CNN, claiming you’ll lose your doctor under Obamacare. I won’t, nor will you.

I want your Obamacare exchange story today

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If you’re eligible for health insurance on an Obamacare exchange, check it out & tell us how the new plans are.

The “frauds on the Hill” may force Congress to use Obamacare

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I can’t think of a better idea than making members of Congress buy insurance in the Obamacare exchanges.
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6 reasons Obamacare is good for entrepreneurs

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Before Obamacare, good luck moving back home to take care of mom and dad, for starters.
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