EU dumps gays, says Ukraine can have visa-free travel without “non-negotiable” LGBT non-discrim guarantee

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Ukraine and the EU have conspired to undermine the human rights of gay and trans Ukrainians.

Putin used Olympics to get Ukrainian president to attack Kiev protesters

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As a result, Kiev is now in flames, and many are talking about the prospect of a civil war.

Stephen Colbert on the mass riots in Ukraine

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“Freedom is on the march in the Ukraine as rebels arm themselves with catapults and kitchen gear.”

Priests led violent mob of 20,000 against gay protesters in (former Soviet) Georgia

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Violence-prone Georgia thinks it’s going to join NATO and the EU. Good luck with that.
Smart Highway by Studio Roosegaarde

Dutch highways to glow in dark, give weather info

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A Dutch firm has created a cool new plan for the highways of Holland.

Europe’s ‘lost generation’ costs $200 billion per year and growing

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Youth unemployment across Europe is rising, as are the costs.
Angela Merkel

Germany’s Merkel remains clueless as ever about austerity

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No matter how bad the economy looks in austerity-hit Europe, Merkel does not and probably never will understand economics.
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