How Republican-led states are rigging energy markets

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“Free market” capitalists selling fossil fuels seem to have a problem with competition from solar power.
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The Electrify Africa Act is a missed opportunity for both electricity and Africa

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The vague bill opens the door for massive expansion in fossil fuels when renewables would be more useful.

One day after announcing opposition to Keystone Pipeline, Clinton releases fossil-focused energy plan

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The one-sentence version of Clinton’s energy plan is: “Let’s do fossil fuels…but better.”

President Obama unveils sweeping emissions reduction plan

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The administration’s rules set greater reduction goals than last year, with additional flexibility.
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French businesses outraged over plan to turn lights out 1am to 7am

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If nobody is walking the streets at these hours, who cares if the lights are on or off?
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Romney’s horizontal fibbing on oil drilling

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Yet another last-minute lie from Mitt Romeny, this time about the supposed panacea of horizontal drilling.
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