Gay protesters shout down Michelle Obama at private event over ENDA

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They were demanding the President issue an executive order banning anti-gay/trans job discrimination.

Harry Reid’s lesbian niece

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There’s a reason (well, many) that gay people come out. It’s a proven way to change attitudes and dispel myths.

Now Romney supports gay adoption, DADT repeal, and hospital rights

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As a result of the secret meeting Romney held with gay Republicans, they now believe he has flip-flopped again.
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Romney held secret meeting with gay GOP leaders last week

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Gay GOP leaders hint Romney promised major gay rights jobs measure, sure to inflame religious right.
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Romney’s secret promise to gay Repubs: I’ll pass major gay rights law

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Romney won endorsement by promising to pass ENDA, law banning anti-gay job discrimination at federal level.

Harkin calls on Obama to sign anti-discrimination executive order

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Basically, it’s an ENDA-style executive order covering government contractors. At this point, politically, it couldn’t hurt the President to do everything he can to shore ...

Pro-Romney ad bashes gays

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Well that didn’t take long. The man who claimed to be more pro-gay than even Ted Kennedy, now has gay-bashing ads running that warn America that “gay marriage” will ...

Musto on gay GOP self-loathing

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Michael Musto: Just when you assumed gay self-loathing had been deposited in the dead-chicken bins, along comes a new wave of self-flagellation aimed to throw us under the hate truck. ...

Ryan now refusing to say if he still supports ENDA

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Photo via Shutterstock I wrote yesterday that someone should ask Paul Ryan if he still supports ENDA. He voted for ENDA in 2007, right before voting to kill it. I thought that since ...
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