Conservative David Frum: America’s voting system is a disgrace

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“When the polls close in most other democracies, the results are known almost instantly.” Not in America.
African-American senior vote

“Glitch” wipes out 1,000 early votes in black FL neighborhood

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First they said “computer glitch,” now it’s “human error.” Uh huh. Always at the minority polling places.

Double whammy of bad news for Romney

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Romney’s facing a mass exodus of donors and the sudden end of efforts to sign up new voters (as a result of scandal).

GOP FL vote scandal spreading nationwide?

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Firm took large sums of money from both Romney campaign and RNC, and was working in 7 other swing states.
Tea Party

Ohio Teabaggers attempt to intimidate Ohio State students to block their votes

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The Teabaggers, like the rest of the GOP, can’t win on issues so they’re determined to disrupt the vote.
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