Trump: Putin's been a very strong leader for Russia

Donald Trump’s foreign policy flip flops in one short video

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Morning Joe on MSNBC did a great cataloguing a number of Donald Trump’s major flip-flops on foreign policy.

Gaius & Dave Johnson tonight 9pm — Egypt, NSA & the State

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Gaius Publius & Dave Johnson discuss Egypt, NSA on the alternative to the Sunday talk shows, Virtually Speaking.

Egyptian photojournalist captures own death on video during protests

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Akhmed Samir Assem, a 26 year old Egyptian photojournalist, was shot filming Republican Guard soldiers in Cairo,

Time-lapse: 12 hours at Tahrir Square protests in Egypt (video)

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This is a neat time-lapse of a 12 hour period, condensed into 30 seconds.
Egypt, Pyramids, Giza, Middle East

US embassy warns about visiting Egypt’s pyramids of Giza

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Egyptian security is either non-existent, working with criminals, or sexually harassing foreign women.

Hot air balloon crash in Egypt kills 19 (dramatic video)

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The citizen documentation of life in our era, even in tragedy, is absolutely fascinating.
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