Jobs report “steady but uninspiring”

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The jobs numbers continue to be decent but not exciting, though it’s more growth than during the Bush years.

The Clinton economic era was not a Democratic golden age

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If you think the Dems bring economic gold, read this.
Wall Street

Wall Street banks fleecing unemployed Americans

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Once again Wall Street is making a huge profit on the problem that they caused in the first place.
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Depression, suicide linked to debt

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“Irresponsible lending and intimidating debt collectors are pushing thousands of people… into depression.”
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World unemployment to set new record this year

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“World unemployment could top record levels this year and continue rising until 2017.”
Family problems

Number of working poor families rises by 200,000 in one year

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“200,000 more such working families – the so-called ‘working poor’ – emerged in 2011 than in 2010.”
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CNBC asks, is income inequality really so bad? (Hint: Yes)

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I suppose CNBC’s ongoing freak-show makes for good TV (with a certain crowd). But are they good for America?
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Triple dip recession in austerity-plagued UK?

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Following the report today on the UK service sector, economists are seeing only bad news.
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Former bank execs in Iceland jailed for banking collapse

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It’s as if Bankers are actually being held responsible for the destruction they left in their wake.
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