PA county conducts gay marriage, says state ban invalid post-DOMA

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County officials say the Supreme Court striking down DOMA gives them the authority to conduct gay marriages.
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Gay groups criticized for pursuing marriage equality when people are poor

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“How is [gay] marriage going to protect you from poverty?”

First green card issued to Irish spouse of lesbian in Denver

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Green card was issued as a result of Supreme Court striking down DOMA.

A beautiful story of love and marriage in the wake of Prop 8’s demise

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The story of how our writer, Chris Andoe, married his longtime boyfriend, Damon An Harris, last week in SF.

DHS: Foreign gays married to Americans get Green Cards

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Generally speaking, INS will look to the law of where you were married, not where you live.

Will married gays avoid jobs in anti-marriage states?

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Married gays may lose some federal benefits if they live in states that don’t recognize marriage equality.

THEY DID! Lesbian Prop 8 couple marries in California

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Prop 8 plaintiffs Kris Perry and Sandy Stier just tied the knot in California.
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And the benefits for married gay federal employees begin

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Health, life, dental, vision, long-term care insurance and more benefits for married gay federal employees.

Paula Deen, Proposition 8, and the sometimes-nuance of bigotry

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We make a mistake treating people as brands. People are more nuanced, and can change. And we should welcome it.
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