The Democratic memo about the Russia investigation, explained

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The House GOP Intelligence committee has finally released the Democratic memo about Trump’s collusion with Russia, Carter Page, and the Steele (aka Pee Pee) memo. Let’s pull out ...
george papadopoulos mug shot

So George Papadopoulos was just some drunk. Right.

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The aftermath of the Nunes Memo is the topic of today’s UnPresidented Podcast (Nunes now claims that Papadopoulos was just some drunk who never even met Trump), with satellite ...
jeff sessions

Donald Trump prepares to fire Attorney General Sessions

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Only Donald Trump could make you feel sorry for Sean Spicer and Jeff Sessions in the same week. Trump is preparing to fire the Attorney General, in an effort to get the Justice Department ...

Demand DOJ appoint a special counsel to investigate Trump’s Russia ties

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Add your name, demand the Justice Department appoint a special counsel to investigate Trump’s RussiaGate.

Of grand juries and blue ribbon commissions: How America will dispute the lessons of Ferguson

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Passing racial injustice off on commissions and reports, and then ignoring their findings, is the American way.
eavesdropping spying privacy

AP leak probe, why it matters

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There’s growing, legitimate, concern that DOJ overstepped with their overly-broad fishing expedition.

Eric Holder should be thinking about resigning

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The blame for the non-prosecution of Wall Street banking fraud “starts at the top.”
Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz cost MIT some documents. Wall Street cost MIT billions. Guess who got indicted?

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Aaron Swartz took MIT’s documents. Wall Street banksters cost MIT $2bn. Guess which one the feds indicted?

Ted Olson urges Obama to file brief for Prop 8, DOMA cases at Supreme Court

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White House and Justice Department give weak non-answers when asked whether they’ll file briefs on Prop 8, DOMA.
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