Gay Santa: Saint Nick has a special elf, and some parents are not pleased

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A new documentary about the men who play Santa at the mall has caused a stir because it includes a gay man.

Did Ken Burns “in” Eleanor Roosevelt?

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Are we still at the point where we can’t publicly discuss the question of whether Mrs. Roosevelt was gay?
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Meet Katya, the young Russian sadist who kidnaps gay youth for sport

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A UK crew was permitted to film anti-gay vigilantes in St. Petersburg kidnapping and torturing a gay youth.

Why the Hillary Clinton documentary got canceled (and other questions)

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Charles Ferguson raises more questions than he answers about Hillary Clinton, Bill’s money, and CGI funding.

Inspirational 6th Grade metalheads take on bullying (video)

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Their band is called “Unlocking the Truth,” and one of their pet causes is “bullying.” You must see this video.

Family of Siberian hermits lived outside civilization 40 yrs, hadn’t heard of WWII

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Fascinating video of a family of ultra-religious Russians who moved to the Siberian wilderness in 1936.
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