Ben Carson doesn’t know what the debt ceiling is

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A lot of what Ben Carson says is daffy to the point at which it’s funny. This isn’t.

Study: Student loans are killing the housing market

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$83 billion in annual housing sales could be affected by the high cost of college in America.

Hedges: “We’re in a pre-revolutionary society… this is extremely dangerous”

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Chris Hedges thinks we’re ripe for a billionaire-caused revolution, thanks to the Koch Brothers and all the rest.

How the rich strip wealth of the 99% through debt

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If the income gain of most people since 1966 is one inch, the gain of the top .001% is five miles.

Honey, I shrunk the deficit! (video)

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Rachel Maddow on how the deficit is shrinking just fine, all on its own.

Credit rating agency Equifax collecting, possibly selling, your salary data and more

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In addition to your detailed salary info, Equifax is collecting info on your doctor and unemployment benefits.
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Depression, suicide linked to debt

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“Irresponsible lending and intimidating debt collectors are pushing thousands of people… into depression.”
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Younger Americans carrying unprecedented amount of credit card debt

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“The typical credit card holder among younger Americans who keep a balance will die still owing money.”
Mitt Romney

Romney’s “a fraud, war-monger, liar, budget-buster”

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Mitt Romney is promising more wars (with Iran and possibly China), less health care, and a much larger deficit.
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