All Trump has left is Rudy Giuliani and sem#n

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Trump is doing so badly in the polls that Rudy Giuliani is now talking about “sem#n.”
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Hillary’s video recapping the VP debate is delicious

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During the VP debate, Pence denied a lot of things that Trump actually said. So Hillary made a video. Watch it.
randy rainbow on trump

Brilliant, hilarious parody of Trump and the 1st presidential debate

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A wonderful parody of Trump and the first presidential debate: “Super carless, fragile ego, extra braggadocious.”

Trumpers say he won debate because of fake online polls. Sad!

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Trump supporters are claiming he won last night’s debate because of how he did in a series of fake online polls.
Hillary Trump first presidential debate

If you missed the presidential debate, here are the highlights

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If you missed the presidential debate last night between Trump and Clinton, here are the juicy highlights.
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Presidential debate open thread

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I’ll be live-tweeting the debate on my Twitter account @aravosis — feel free to join me there.
lester holt

Does Lester Holt have a Judge Curiel problem?

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Trump keeps saying the moderator of tonight’s first debate, Lester Holt, is biased. Is it because Holt is black?

The controversy over fact-checking the presidential debate

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There’s been a growing controversy over whether the presidential debate moderators should fact-check the debate.
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How Donald “Rapists and Murderers” Trump is forcing the GOP to ratchet up the crazy

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Donald Trump has changed the Republican primary for the worse.
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