Does Elizabeth Warren really want to be president?

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During the last presidential debate, Elizabeth Warren did an amazing job going after the wrong guy. Warren’s campaign needed a serious infusion of cash, fast, or her she couldn’t ...

Who won the CNN Democratic presidential debate? (Hint: Elizabeth Warren)

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Cliff and I debrief on last night’s CNN Democratic presidential debate, with a look at who won and who didn’t, but also how the debate went overall (we weren’t terribly ...
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Trump doubles down: Will only accept election results “if he wins”

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Donald Trump just reiterated that he will not concede the election if he loses.
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Hillary destroyed Donald Trump

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We have a winner. Hillary Clinton absolutely, deliciously and definitively destroyed Donald Trump in tonight’s presidential debate. The debate started slow. Throughout the first ...
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Election 2016 update, the latest as we prepare to watch tonight’s debate

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I talk about about the latest polls, Trump’s & Hillary’s debate strategies, and Trump’s goal through Nov. 8.
bad lip reading

Bad lip reading the first presidential debate between Hillary and Trump

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Bad lip reading the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The two worst arguments from last night’s Democratic debate

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Both of these candidates can do better.

Trump and Kasich bail on Fox debate. Sanders should take their place.

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If Ted Cruz’s GOP opponents are too scared to debate him, they should be replaced with a democratic socialist.

It took Fox News to ask the Democratic candidates about abortion…and Bernie’s answer was better

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Clinton supports restrictions on abortion access after a certain point in pregnancy. Sanders does not.
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