GOP Cancel Culture hypocrisy

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In today’s show, Cliff and I talk about the Republicans whining about “cancel culture,” because Major League Baseball just pulled from the All-Star game from Atlanta ...
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Forget the Vaccine Passport, let’s have a Vaccine Bible

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Today’s podcast is heavy on messaging. We start with a discussion of former top Trump Covid adviser Dr. Birx’s claim that while the first 100,000 US Coronavirus deaths were ...

Donald Trump deserves zero credit for fighting Covid

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The media last week chided President Biden for not giving Donald “Covid’s a hoax” Trump enough credit for his handling of the Coronavirus pandemic. The worst was NBC’s Peter ...

So is Biden too senile or too effective? I wish Republicans would make up their minds.

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What’s the old saying about how liars have to remember every lie they’ve ever told, lest they contradict themselves, while honest people just have to remember to tell the truth? ...

Defending the stimulus, and defending voting rights

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On today’s podcast, Cliff and I talk about: – My Covid vaccine, I got one! (But it was J&J, and I’m still unsure about it.) – Biden learning from the past, ...

Daily Kos’ Joan McCarter explains the Covid stimulus bill

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On today’s podcast, we are joined by our longtime friend and colleague Joan McCarter (aka McJoan), senior political writer at Daily Kos, who will be talking to us at length about ...

DC’s Covid vaccine Web site nightmare

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I need a drink. Today was my first day eligible to sign up for a Covid vaccination in DC, and it was an utter fiasco. The DC government Web site melted down, and the phone number ...
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Cult 45: How Trump and the Republicans broke our country (and what we can do about it)

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In today’s UnPresidented podcast, we discuss how Trump’s anti-mask mania has helped create and spread new variants of the Coronavirus that might be harder for vaccines to ...

How Mitch McConnell killed the $2,000 stimulus check

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Hey gang, in today’s podcast, Cliff and I talk about Trump’s latest election fraud nonsense, scheduled for January 6; Mitch McConnell’s $2000 stimulus check poison ...
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