Sochi may be “the most corrupt Olympics in history”

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Conservative cost estimate of Sochi Olympics is $51 billion, more than 400% higher than planned.

4 shocking facts about American healthcare (video)

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His name is Josh Sundquist, and he’s really good – and quite a captivating speaker.

Carnival Cruises pays paltry 0.6% in US taxes – let it rescue its own ships

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Carnival’s excessive safety problems cost US taxpayers millions, yet Carnival pays almost nothing in US taxes.

DOMA may have cost federal budget over $6 billion

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A new analysis shows that the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act is actually costing the federal government money.

Why US Internet access is slow, costly & unfair (video)

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Bill Moyers investigates why Americans are paying so much, and getting so little, for their Internet.
Thanksgiving meal

Cost of Thanksgiving is up slightly this year

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Unlike 2011, the cost of Thanksgiving has mostly stayed the same in 2012. Who is ready to cook?
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