Corey Lewandowski should be in jail

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Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, testified (if you can call it that) before the House Judiciary Committee yesterday as part of its impeachment hearings. Lewandowski ...

Trump ex campaign manager Lewandowski tweets damaging story about current manager Manafort

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Trump ex campaign manager Corey Lewandowski tweets damaging NYT story about current manager Paul Manafort.

New CNN hire Corey Lewandowski refuses to say if signed contract banning criticism of Trump

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When asked if he signed a contract forbidding him from criticizing Trump, Lewandowski dodged the question.
Donald Trump

Donald Trump, sexism’s enabler-in-chief

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Trump accuses Hillary of “enabling” Bill’s affairs. But when it comes to sexism, Trump is the enabler-in-chief.
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