Eight days to the American elections, here’s what the latest polls show

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Cliff and I dissect the latest presidential and congressional polls to give you an in-depth state-by-state look at where the races stand. (Spoiler alert: So far, so good.) This is one ...
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Election forecaster Rachel Bitecofer on the 2020 elections

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Election forecaster Rachel Bitecofer is back to talk about the latest polling for the 2020 elections.

Congressman Matt Salmon’s oddly specific budgetary hit list

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This man is on a mission in his final year in office to be as trivial and possible.

Meanwhile, in Congress…

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Infrastructure? Broadband access? Health care? Nope. Congressman Matt Salmon wants to defund yoga.

How Donald Trump could cost the GOP the US House

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If Democrats contrast the GOP’s lack of seriousness about governing with tangible solutions, they could win.

Franklin Graham quit the GOP a while ago, and he’s still probably voting for Trump or Cruz

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The GOP is a home for theocrats, whether they officially say so or not.

The Islamic State’s threat is closer to Paris than Syria’s refugees

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When we demonize refugees, the terrorists win.

The thing you should be most afraid of this Halloween is Paul Ryan’s new job

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There are few things you could go as for Halloween that are scarier than Paul Ryan’s agenda.
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Bipartisan sentencing reform bill to be introduced in the Senate today

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In today’s Senate, bipartisan coalitions on substantive issues are nothing short of amazing.
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