Jared Kushner, photo by Lori Berkowitz Photography

Magazine owner Jared Kushner doesn’t understand a free press

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Donald Trump’s son-in law, and putative secretary of state, vice president, and First Lady Jared Kushner doesn’t seem to understand the concept of a free press. It’s ...

CNN’s Jake Tapper rips into Trump’s history of fake conspiracy theories

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CNN’s Jake Tapper ripped into all of Trump’s debunked conspiracy theories today.

It’s safe to turn on CNN again — Trump boycotts network

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Hallelujah. CNN is safe again. No more Jeffrey Lord. No more Kayleigh. (At least, if there’s a God, they’re gone — let’s pray Trump included them in the ban.) ...

New CNN hire Corey Lewandowski refuses to say if signed contract banning criticism of Trump

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When asked if he signed a contract forbidding him from criticizing Trump, Lewandowski dodged the question.

The West is using an accounting trick to ignore Saudi Arabia’s Syrian refugees

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Here’s how you make millions of refugees disappear in one easy step.

CNN: Bernie Sanders could announce presidential run “within days”

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He would be the only progressive candidate to enter the 2016 contest

Stephen Colbert checks Magic 8 Ball, entrails, for news of Flight 370

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The Magic 8 Ball says “check in again later,” while Colbert waits for a report from correspondent Godot.

CNN’s Piers Morgan vilified for amazingly pro-transgender interview

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Morgan stepped into a minefield for doing what was actually an incredibly pro-trans, softball interview.

Loving the troops to death

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CNN’s Jake Tapper got blasted for expressing a legitimate concern about troops deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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